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Reclosable Bags Overview

Handgards® offers Low-Density (LD)  and High-Density (HD) Reclosable Bags in various sizes and thicknesses to fill any operational need. Our Reclosable Bags come with a zipper closure to keep air out and extend freshness and reduce food waste. These bags are color coded as an easy way to identify each bag size, and each bag contains write-on blocks to keep track of food contents and expiration dates. Our High-Density Reclosable Bags are made to be used in freezers and protect even further by blocking out more light and air that causes spoilage, therefore preserving foods for longer periods of time. These HD Reclosable Bags can protect foods in temperatures from -50°F (-45°C) and up to 220°F (104°C), this is perfect for taking stored foods from the freezer to microwave or warmers without freezer burn and without the need to repackage foods.

Handgards® also offer a thicker LD Freezer Bag and a LD SlideZip reclosable Bag with a plastic tab zipper enclosure for easy handling when working in wet or slippery kitchen conditions. 


Handgards® HD Reclosable Bags are produced from high molecular weight, high density polyethylene resin which fully complies with FDA rule 177.1520 for food contact.

Handgards® LD Reclosable Bags are produced from low density polyethylene resin which fully complies with FDA rule 177.1520 for food contact.

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Reclosable Bags Available


These bags have a tight zipper closure to keep foods fresh and help reduce food waste. These bags are perfect for pre-portioning foods, keeping track of expiration dates and are useful when following FIFO methods.


Highly durable low density freezer bags provide the same functions as our low density bags, but with thicker mils for added strength and durability. These bags are developed with higher gauged mils for extra protection.


Low density slide zip bags have an easy and convenient closure that makes storing foods a breeze. These bags provide easy access to foods when you need them, while also prolonging freshness and taste.


These reclosable bags are made with high density material that can withstand temperatures as low as -50°F and as high as 220°F. These are our most durable reclosable bags.

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