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Are you using the right glove for the right task?

Handgards® wants to help you choose the right glove for the right task. With the recent labor shortages, supply chain delays, and the high cost of raw materials, choosing the right glove for your operation is a critical decision that can impact your bottom line. In addition, the pandemic has also forced food establishments to protect their customers as well as their employees. We are now seeing a new “normal” that will require you to add new tasks to your establishment.

Disposable gloves are an essential part of food safety in the food service industry. They help to protect food from contamination by preventing the transfer of bacteria from the hands of food handlers to the food. Disposable gloves are also used to protect the hands of food handlers from exposure to harmful chemicals and other substances that may be present in food.

There are a variety of different types of disposable gloves available for use in the food service industry. The type of glove that is best suited for a particular application will depend on the specific needs of the food service operation. Some of the factors that should be considered when choosing a disposable glove include the type of food that is being handled, the level of dexterity that is required, and the cost of the glove.

It is important to note that disposable gloves are not a substitute for proper hand washing. Food handlers should always wash their hands thoroughly before putting on gloves and after removing them. Gloves should also be changed frequently throughout the day, especially if they become soiled or contaminated.

When used properly, disposable gloves can help to prevent the spread of foodborne illness and protect the health of consumers. Food service operators should make sure that their employees are properly trained on the proper use of disposable gloves.

Here are some tips for using disposable gloves properly in the food service industry:    Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before putting on gloves.

  •     Make sure that the gloves fit properly and are not torn or punctured.
  •     Change gloves frequently, especially if they become soiled or contaminated.
  •     Remove gloves carefully, avoiding contact with the food surface.
  •     Dispose of gloves in a sanitary manner.

By following these simple tips, food service operators can help to ensure that their food is safe and that their customers are protected from foodborne illness.

For over 60 years Handgards has been manufacturing and delivering high-quality food grade products to the foodservice industry. We managed to position ourselves as the leader in food safety innovations by providing a variety of disposable gloves that give our customers the satisfaction and reassurance they deserve. Our unparalleled knowledge has made us a valued resource that our customers turn to for food safety products and guidance. Handgards mission is to deliver the right glove, for the right task, at the right price and to give the end-user the extra protection needed to prevent food contamination. We work closely with restaurant operators, chefs, and servers to continue learning firsthand what our customers need.

Types of Disposable Gloves


Nitrile gloves provide superior resistance to punctures and tears and can be used around moderate heat. Made with premium material, they provide the ultimate protection when dealing with tough tasks.


Vinyl gloves are snug-fit for improved touch sensitivity. They work well for medium-use applications, such as handling and prepping hot menu items. These gloves make a great, economical latex-free alternative.


Poly gloves are loose fitting gloves that are easy to put on and take off, making them ideal for tasks where frequent glove changes are needed. These are also one of our most economical gloves in our glove line.


Made with natural rubber latex, latex gloves provide superb flexibility for easier hand movements and extra comfort. These highly form-fitting gloves help reduce hand fatigue, making them perfect when dealing with rigorous work.


GripGards® Stretch Hybrid Gloves offer a diamond pattern texture for improved grip and dexterity. They are ideal for tasks requiring increased precision and when handling slippery, small, or hard-to-grasp items.


Planetgards® Compostable Gloves are made of material that degrades in a commerical composting facility. These earth-friendly gloves help reduce landfill waste and methane emissions, as well as help reduce landfill disposal fees through composting programs.


Made with a blend of nitrile and vinyl, Vitrile Gloves are a high-quality, economical latex alternative that provide a superior fit and performance for an extended period of time. They also provide a flexible, lightweight form-fitting design for improved dexterity.


Synthetic gloves provide a snug, yet comfortable fit, that offer great touch sensitivity with unique softness and flexibility. These gloves are a great cost-effective alternative to latex and are ideal for prepping hot menu options.


Exam-grade sterile gloves provide a higher level of barrier integrity and offer better protection for patient care, including sensitive tissue and non-surgical instruments. Their tighter-fitting design helps ensure sterility and may be used for non-surgical medical tasks such as first aid, thermography, wound care, and even food service tasks like food preparation and serving.

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