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Full Steam Ahead: National Sales Meeting

Fueling Growth: Recap of Our Game-Changing National Sales Meeting

Handgards National Sales Meeting: Building Bikes and Building Bridges

The Handgards National Sales Meeting is an annual event that brings together our sales team from across the country to work collaboratively, share experiences, and plan sales strategies for the upcoming year. This year’s meeting held tremendous significance as we focused on our sales team efforts for 2024. One of the highlights of the event was our team bike-building activity followed by the donation of the bikes to a local charity, Reynolds Home.

During the sales event, we emphasized the importance of coming together and working as a team to implement strategies that would drive Handgards’ success for the next few years. By sharing insights and experiences from the field, we discussed new ideas on how to collaborate and innovate in the industry. We also highlighted the key trends that we believe will shape the food industry’s future and discussed how the Handgards sales team could position itself to meet these demands.

The team bike-building activity was our way of connecting our sales team with the community they serve. The activity allowed us to give back to the community while strengthening our team-building skills. We formed teams and worked together to assemble the bikes. It was a fun and engaging activity that allowed us to showcase our teamwork skills. The end result was a set of bicycles that were donated to a local charity, Reynolds Home.

Reynolds Home is a non-profit organization in Abilene, Texas, that provides shelter and support to women and children. The home serves as a haven for those in crisis, offering them a safe place to stay while they work to rebuild their lives. With our donation, we hoped to make a difference in the lives of the families who call Reynolds Home their refuge.

By coming together as a sales team, we demonstrated the importance of building bridges in our industry. We showed how collaboration and teamwork could help us achieve our business goals while also serving the greater community. Our bike-building activity and donation were just small gestures, but we hope that it will inspire others to give back to their communities and build stronger connections with the people they serve.

In conclusion, the Handgards National Sales Meeting was a valuable exercise in team-building and collaboration. By focusing on our sales team efforts for 2024, we were able to develop strategies that will drive our success in the years to come. By engaging in activities like the bike-building event followed by the donation to Reynolds Home, we demonstrated our commitment to the community and the people we serve. We are excited about the future, and we look forward to more opportunities that will allow us to build bridges, innovate new ideas, and help make a positive impact in the world.


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