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TermDescriptionCommonly use in
10/10010 inner cases (dispensers) of quantity 100 items each, inside the Master Case. Gloves / Aprons
4/1004 inner cases (dispensers) of quantity 100 items each, inside the Master Case. (total case count 400)Gloves
ABC Adult Bib Crab Print Bib
ABL Adult Bib Lobster Print Bib
ABW Adult Bib White(No Print)Bib
AHEW Apron Heavy-Duty Embossed White Apron
AHSCApron Heavy-Duty Smooth Clear Apron
AHSWApron Heavy-Duty Smooth White Apron
AHSY Apron Heavy-Duty Smooth Yellow Apron
ALEWApron Light-Duty Embossed White Apron
ALSW Apron Light-Duty Smooth White Apron
AMEC Apron Medium-Duty Emobssed Clear Apron
AMEWApron Medium-duty Embossed WhiteApron
AMSW Apron Medium-Duty Smooth WhiteApron
AQL  Accepted quality levelExam Gloves
BOPPBiaxially-Oriented (BO) Polypropylene (PP)Bags
BSCBasicGards Gloves
CB4 Child Bib 4 print designsBibs
CB9Corn Bag Bags
DISPENSER CASEInner shipping caseGloves
EMBOSSEDOrnamented with or having the form of a raised pattern, design, or image.Gloves / Aprons / Bibs / Cook Chill Bags
FDAFood and Drug AdministrationGloves / Aprons / Bibs / Pan Liners / Bags
FLAT PACKProducts stacked flat inside dispensing box.May be interlaced to set up the following product to dispense quickly.Pan Liner / Bags
FSFood ServiceAll Products
GDSNGlobal Data Synchronization Network All Product Platform
GPGeneral PurposeGloves
GTINA Global Trade Item Number is a unique and internationally recognized identifier for a product.All Product
HDPEHigh Density Polyethylene Bags
JANSANJanitorial Sanitation Reusable Gloves
LDPELow Density Polyethylene Bags
MASTER CASEOuter shipping case All Product
MILThicknessGloves / Aprons / Bibs / Pan Liners / Bags
NITNitrile Gloves
OEGOff Paper Embossed GlovePoly Gloves Only
OPLOvenable Pan LinerPan Liners
OSFMOne Size Fits MostGloves
PBPreportioning Bag Bag
PFPowder FreeGloves
PLAPolylactic Acid Plastic Bags
POLYPolyethyleneGloves / Bibs / Bags
POLYPROPYLENEA synthetic resin created by the polymerization of propylene Bags / Gloves
POSPoint of Sale Sheet All Product
PPPolypropylene Bags / Gloves
PPEPersonal Protective EquipmentGloves / Aprons
PVCPolyvinyl Chloride aka Vinyl Gloves
QTYQuantity All Product
ROLL PACK Products packaged in a roll cylinder. Perforated edges allow next product to be dispensed quickly one after the other.Bags
RPRack CoverBags
SLIDE ZIPReclosable bags with plastic slide zipper to help open/close easier.Bags
SPLSteam Pan Liner Pan Liners
SW Silverware Bag Bags
SYN SyntheticGloves
SZ Slide Zip Bags
TiHiTi= how many cases per horizontal level fit on pallet & Hi= how many levels vertically fit per pallet.All Product
UPCUniversal product codeAll Product
VAL ValugardsGloves / Bags
VTRVitrile Gloves
ZG   Zip Gards (Reclosable Bags)Bags


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