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Make A Difference in Food Service Shortages

Make a Difference in Food Service Shortages

In today’s restaurant industry, labor, inflation, supply chain disruptions, and regulatory pressures present many challenges. Investing in both food service staff and product solutions can play a key role in overcoming these challenges. Several innovations that can be applied to the food service industry, such as our Labor Saving Solutions, can help reduce shortages.  Handgards offers four core commodities that will implement Labor Saving Solutions for back-of-the-house operations and support restaurant employees. This blog will mention those four core product commodities along with a few methods to incentivize your employees. We want to see and encourage restaurants to keep their “OPEN” signs up!

Handgards® wants to help you succeed by offering high-quality products that keep your employees and customers safe. Learn with Handgards by utilizing our interactive layouts that will show you Which Product Is Right For You in each application within a restaurant. 

The Right Glove For The Right Task

Product Solution: Handle tasks with care using any Handgards®  Disposable Gloves. We realize using the correct glove during operations can impact the bottom line.  Making sure to use the most out of our disposable gloves can save money for your investment due to proper glove usage.  

Workforce Method: One way to to benefit from keeping and adding staff to your restaurant business is providing referral bonuses.  Doing this provides your employees in choosing you over the competition, establishing loyalty and creating an environment that is familiar for your employees. 

Handgards® provides online tools & resources to help you choose the right glove for the right task. 

Avoid The Mess And The Stress

Product Solution: Handgards® TuffGards® Pre-Portioning Bags provide the perfect solution to serve consistent portions of food, while also helping save time and money. These bags help operators serve plates faster during busy times and turn tables quicker. Simply place foods into each bag, weigh them to the desired weight, and properly store them to be used later.

Workforce Method: Offering flexible hours, pre-holiday breaks, and online scheduling tools can help with attracting employees to commit to working shifts that are available. Though it may be hard to accommodate employees it can prevent shifts from being short-staffed. 

Control Food Costs And Avoid Waste

Product Solution: The cost savings of using PanHandlers® Disposable Pan Liners come from using less energy and labor resources,  such as scrubbing and scouring baked-on foods. This will surely benefit your food service establishment. 

Workforce Method: Promote a positive, safe work environment for your business. Holding self-development trainings while sharing values implements company culture. Seek out programs and courses that can guide your company in identifying those values. 

Maintain Consistency And Volume

Product Solution: Panhandlers® Cook Chill Bags provide the solution for bulk food handling, storage, refrigeration, and serving needs. They were designed to seal in hot foods and provide a secure chilling vessel and cold storage solution for service at a future date. When serving time arrives, the Cook Chill Bag contents can quickly be reheated and served while knowing that the quality of your food product has been preserved inside.

Workforce Method: Motivate your employees through friendly competitions that will implement team efforts while increasing production and sales. Even providing awards for goal oriented tasks will recognize employees dedication and commitment to their role. 

With the recent labor shortages, supply chain delays, and the high cost of raw materials, it is crucial to bring in products that help prepare for these problems and that can raise the value of your restaurant.  Our product guide helps identify what products work best for that specific task and how to protect your kitchen staff, servers, and customers.


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