Grip Gards® Blue Stretch Hybrid Gloves

Produced with a unique diamond pattern texture, new Grip Gards Blue Stretch Hybrid Gloves allow users to fully grasp even the smallest ware in any kitchen. Grip Gards Blue Stretch Hybrid Gloves can be used for longer periods of time than loose poly gloves, and can help staff handle fast-paced tasks with more precision.

These gloves are the perfect choice for operators looking for a tight glove at a cost-effective price. Users can benefit from a tight, “second-skin” fit by sizing down one size.

As an added bonus, Grip Gards Blue Stretch Hybrid Gloves feature a blue color that can be used to identify employees handing sensitive food types, like chicken. The blue color also helps easily identify pieces of glove, should they accidently  fall into food

• Size down one size for a second-skin fit

• Diamond pattern texture for grip

• Blue color can help prevent cross-contamination

• Cost-effective alternative to vinyl

• Latex and vinyl free

• Easy dispensing