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TuffGards® Disposable Weekly Preportioning Bags
High Density

Handgards TuffGards High Density Weekly Preportion Bag

When your food portioning isn't accurate or consistent, you're giving away profits. Handgards proprietary preportioning system reduces food preparation time. It also improves customer service and satisfaction and helps to control food costs. Our labor-saving Saddle Pack dispensing system speeds up the preportioning process, helps manage portion control, and improves your bottom line.

Eliminate food waste and protect against using foods after they've expired. Color-coded, trilingual graphics clearly show "use by" dating and allows clear identification of the food inside. Safe to microwave, boil, or freeze, our TuffGards portion bags provide an excellent moisture and vapor barrier. Foods stay fresher longer.

  • Consistent portion control every time.
  • Pre-printed graphics offer easy identification.
  • Direct from Freezer to Microwave to plate.
  • No freezer burn.
  • Prepare foods ahead of rush hour traffic.
  • More efficient use of employees during slow times.
  • Provides faster service during peak hours.
  • Handgards' TuffGards® polyethylene bags are produced from high molecular weight, high density polyethylene resin which fully complies with FDA Rule 177.1520 for food contact.

TuffGards High Density Weekly Preportion Bags
ReorderModelSize (in.)
Print Color
Bag Color
ClosureCase Qty
303679817 PB8.5WK
6.5 x 7
Full Saddle
7 Days
7 Colors
Clear 1.75 in. Flip Lock
303679827 PB100WK
10 x 8.5
Full Saddle
7 Days
7 Colors
Clear 2 in. Flip Lock


5.5 x 5.5

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