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TuffGards® Disposable Hot Dog, Subs, and Hoagie Bags
High Density

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Handgards offers food storage solutions for every application and every need. Our TuffGards® High Density bags prolong product freshness and extend product shelf life in coolers and freezers. Perfect for storing and keeping prepared salads fresh in a cooler. Keeps individually wrapped bread, sandwiches, and hamburgers tasting fresher right out of the warmer.

  • For Hot Dogs, Subs, or Hoagie Sandwiches.
  • Moisture vapor barrier prevents foods from drying out.
  • Prolongs shelf life in freezers, coolers, and warmers.
  • Extremely durable and flexible material.
  • No freezer burn, foods can be stored up to six weeks at -50° F and heated up to +220° F.
  • Great for dry storage and transporting.
  • Safe to go from freezer or cooler to microwave or boiling water.
  • Grease and leak resistant.
  • Handgards' TuffGards® polyethylene bags are produced from high molecular weight, high density polyethylene resin which fully complies with FDA Rule 177.1520 for food contact.
Handgards High Density Hot Dog Bags
ReorderModelSize (in.)
Print Color
Bag Color
ClosureCase Qty
303679592 HD8
5.25 x 8
Full Saddle
"Hot Dog"
Red Clear 1.5 in. Flip Lock
303679614 HD10
5.25 x 10
Full Saddle
None None Clear 1.5 in. Flip Lock
303679597 HD4.5
8.5 x 4.5
Full Saddle
None None Clear 2.5 in. Flip Lock

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